Starting your own Forex, CFDs and Binaries Brokerage with HND Ventures Ltd. Private Label Solution

HND Ventures Ltd. is the ideal one-stop-shop where brokers can find everything they need from A to Z to start their own independent Forex brokerage. Providing all services, from technology to company incorporation, from website design to payment processing, the entire HND team assists with successfully streamlining all processes for the broker from every angle.

HND Ventures Ltd. enables brokers to start all-inclusive, first class and thriving brokerages.  In addition to the synchronized trading platforms, Web Trader and Mobile Trader, HND Private Label fully equips clients with the technology needed to operate their brokerages.

HND Live Feed is the fastest, most accurate online trading feed in the world, and it prevents Private Label brokerages from suffering losses from arbitrages and scalpers, and enables spike-free and error-free rates with fast execution. Offering hundreds of symbols, brokers can offer Forex, CFDs, Indices, Commodities and Futures. HND sophisticated CRM interconnects all aspects of client retention, allowing brokers to conduct daily business and lead management from one central hub.

The Risk Management Platform with Liquidity Bridge (RMS) is integrated to the MT 24×354, Web Trader and Mobile Trader platforms and allows brokers to set their own hedging and coverage strategies; managing STP and/or B book (broker’s own book) trading groups. The RMS is also interfaced with an aggregated liquidity pool for fast STP execution. Brokers can execute on best bid/offer on multiple liquidity sources including banks and ECNs.

For running their own book, HND Ventures Ltd. offers brokers a double protection system which protects them from arbitragers and errors. Brokers can increase their trading volumes while lowering their risk without losing high-volume clients by hedging via “Instant” and “Market” execution. The Private Label Solution can support trading by robots, experts and scalpers.

Training and Support:

HND Ventures knowledgeable training and support staff are Forex experts with years of experience in the industry. New brokers are provided with a 4-day intensive training session to explain, in detail, the systems functions, configuration, and overall guidance on the best practices for operating the brokerage. Clients also have access to HND’s  24/6 support centre. HND’s professional Support Team monitors clients’ systems on an ongoing basis and provides general and technical support to help brokers address the challenges facing their businesses.

Binary Opinion:

Through strategic partnerships, HND’s  is able to offer a Binary Options trading platform fully integrated with the MT4. Binary Options has become increasingly popular among traders, and HND Ventures has responded to the demands of the market by offering brokers this platform for their brokerages. The platform is completely customizable and web-based. With a shared wallet, traders can log in with their same username and password as they use to access the Binary Opinion. This platform allows brokers to increase their market share while strengthening their competitive edge over other brokers in the market.

Building Blocks for opening a brokerage:

New brokers need look no further than HND Ventures for all the services necessary to start a Forex business.  HND Ventures offers brokers company incorporation services and all necessary components to start their Forex brokerage operation. Additionally, HND Ventures assists with developing brokerage websites, which are automatically integrated with HND Ventures LLC solutions.  Furthermore, brokers receive a Partners website, an imperative asset when launching affiliate marketing campaigns.  HND Ventures also assists brokers to connect with trustworthy payment service providers (PSPs), offering a variety of international payment methods and currencies, enabling traders to deposit, effortlessly.

For a marketing advantage, brokers can request a fully branded Forex tutorial video for their website, leading to an increase in leads, as new traders feel more comfortable with a brokerage offering the information provided in the tutorial. Additionally, traders of all experience levels benefit from the real-time Market News Feed offered by Private Label brokers.  The Market News Feed leads to an increase in trading activity, as it involves traders in the movement of the market and provides them with the up-to-date information they need to trade wisely and actively.

HND is the premium broker solutions provider offering a turnkey package for Forex brokers to open their independent brokerages. Dozens of the world’s leading brokers rely on HND innovative solutions, and the Private Label enables brokers to open their brokerages quickly and economically, and is excellent for those opening a new brokerage and for existing brokers looking to replace or enhance their existing platforms.

About HND Ventures LLC / Ltd.

HND is dedicated to delivering innovative services that enable Forex brokers and financial institutions to increase conversion, minimize risk and reach new markets. HND offers cutting-edge solutions powered by breakthrough technology, providing an end-to-end suite of products to open and operate the most successful and competitive brokerages in the Forex industry.

For more information about HND Private Label,

please contact us at or https://market-24× or

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